World Bank Internship JPA Program World Bank Program 2022-2023

World Bank Junior Professional Associates Program
Now the opportunity open underworld bank the Junior Professional Associate JPA program as a global base. Also, get the beginner level professional experience and first hand explores the challenges. In this regard, are you a recent bachelor? Also, you have the passion to apply for the JPA program at the World bank.

The world bank internship looking for academic achievements excellent applicants to welcome at the global level. Hence, world bank scholarship is a big opportunity for all international students. If anyone wants to apply for a world bank scholarship. Then, no waste your time. So, prepare your documents according to the requirements of the world bank. The documents list is mention here and also, other details mention here. You need to focus on it to apply for the World Bank program that is available for all nationalities holders students and well-educated people. World Bank identifies your analytical skills and research skills that will help researchers to explore their fields.

Field of Study

Different fields are available here, including economics, management, finance, human development, public health, nutrition, and population. Also, include social science, anthropology, sociology, agriculture, and environment(climate, blue economy). World Bank also, offers infrastructure, private sector development, and as well as other related fields, corporate, administrative functions(IT, legal, accounting, and communication, etc).

The applicants must fluent in English, preferably at least one other Bank language(French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portugues, and Chinese). The applicants’ technology and integration in their work.

We are offer for you ​

The world bank internship also, allows international students to gain entry-level professional experience in development institutes. This program is one or two years, non-renewable extended term consultant contact with benefits.

Eligibility Criteria

The following are minimum requirements to be eligible for the JPA program underworld bank internship: ​

  • Be 28 years of age or younger on your first day of service​
  • Hold the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree
  • Be fluent in English​

Interested students must fulfill these requirements to apply for World Bank Junior Program.

  • The applicants must be 28 years of age or younger on their first-day service
  • At least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants are fluent in English.
  • One or more of the Bank’s working languages is a plus: Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
  • One or more Bank working languages plus Arabic, Chinese, French, Portugues, Russian and Spanish.

The employment program is very competitive and applicants under active consideration for employment. The employment can also be asked to submit academic records as well as references. The management of the world bank internship will contact only those applicants whom hiring managers wish to interview.

At the world bank internship, the JPA assignment is not an entry point for their career. The employment at World beyond the 2years contract after the end of the contract. Furthermore, some JPAs may rejoin the organization later in their careers after getting experience.

Detail of DeJunior Professional Associate

Job # req12469 is offered by the World Bank. The minimum qualification requires for World Bank Program is undergraduate. Hence, the duration of the program is 2-year as local recruitment Global level on business need. World bank program prefer the English language and also, the English language requirment

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online at the world bank internship Junior Professional. Note this point the applications kept active in our database for a period of six months. Should the applicant still interested in JPA Program after 6-month. Also, you need to reapply. Applicants are also, selected by the hiring manager on a highly competitive basis.

If you want to check and verify anything of world bank internship. Then, the official website link is mention here you can check it by clicking on it. Official Announcement

If you want to apply for the JPA program. Then, the application link is mention here. Click on it to apply for JPA Program.