The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program in USA 2022

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

Now the Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship program 2022 is open in the US. If you are interested in the Hubert Humphrey fellowship. Then, don’t waste your time you must apply for the Hubert Humphrey fellowship program. Because the Hubert Humphrey fellowship is a great opportunity for all international students. There is no restriction of any nationalities so, each nationalities holder can apply for the Hubert Humphrey fellowship. The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program increases the leadership among the different nationalities. Also, produce a professional leader that enhances the local address and face challenges. Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program develops a worldwide network that shares a better practice. Also, promotes human rights, awareness, and critical importance to advance institutional. The US Embassy in Croatia offers the Humbert Humphrey Fellowship program in the US. Humbert Humphrey Fellowship is an annual program for mid-career professionals with express leadership qualities.

US Department of the state is a sponsor of the Hubert Humphery Fellowship program. Fellowship program in the US under the cooperative agreement with the IIE means Institute of International Education. There are two agencies are work in partnership with universities that select the host fellowship program. Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program is a joint program in Croatia and administered by the US Government of Croatia. Cooperation with the Ministry of science, education, and the agency of mobility, EU programs through Embassy.

Academic Information

The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program is a non-degree program in the US. The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program no changes the status from a non-degree program to a degree program. Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program pursues the program at a host institute in the US and applicants under the host institute. There is no possibility to change the institute from host to other institutes.

Almost 13 institutes or campus that welcome to all international students to pursue their program in US institute. Every institute has an institutional resource and also, a level of support. The faculty members also, assist in pursuing the degree balance of all international students. There are 13 universities list are mention here if you want to check these universities. Then, must visit the under links and also, check all host institute. Check the host institute

Leadership and Professional

Professional activities also include professional visits in different ways, workplace skills, training programs and conferences, and affiliation with professionals. This affiliation provides to the people’s first-hand experience to work environment in US full time. At the beginning of the year, each fellowship develops at the local campus after that its applicants and spaces are increasing. Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program has a detailed program of professional activities gear to the objective of Fellow’s Humphrey program.

Human and Institutional Capacity

Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program includes the following capacities. These capacities are Finance, banking, public policy analysis, public administration, technology policy, management and also, human resource management.

Rights and Freedom

This includes international religious freedom so, everyone lives there according to their religion, law, human rights are all equal. Also, trafficking in person policy, prevention, Journalism, and Communications.

Sustainable Lands

Sustainable lands include Agriculture, Rural Development, natural resources, regional planning, urban, climate changes and also, environmental policy.

Thriving Communities

  • Contagious, Infectious Diseases, and also, Public Health Policy and Management.
  • Substance Abuse Education, Treatment and Prevention, and also Higher Education Administration.
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Educational Administration, Planning, and Policy, HIV/AIDS Policy, and Prevention.

REQUIREMENTS of Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program 

The requirements of the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program in the US are mention here. So, please read carefully all points. Hence everyone must complete these requirements.

  • Croatian citizenship and also, Evidence of employment in the Republic of Croatia (full time or by contract)
  • Applicants Five years of full-time professional experience in the applicant’s relevant fields
  • Candidates must have a university degree 4-year or above of education undergraduate degree is required.
  • Applicants must English Proficiency certificate to apply for the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program

Applicants Profile

Applicable applicants are mid-career professionals in leadership qualities positions who have express manage public service and professional achievement in any company. Applicants after completion of a university degree and should interest in the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program in the US. So, it’s a good opportunity for everyone to explore their experience in the US, and applicants will be experienced in their specialization.

Eligibility Criteria of Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program

If anyone wants to apply for the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program then, must fulfill the following criteria to get a fellowship program in the US.

  1. Express the commitment to serve to public and also, the potential for advancement in their professions.
  2. Require at least 5-year experience prior to August 2022 in your relevant fields.
  3. Applicants who complete the degree program require at 4-year of full-time study in order to get admission under the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program.
  4. Applicants must have the policy aspect of their specialization.
  5. English proficiency applicants must have a TOEFL score of 525.
  6. Also, require experience in applicants specialization.


The deadline of the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program is from April-14-2021 to July-20-2021. S, hurry up apply soon as possible within the due date. The application submitted online on the portal. If you face any problem submitting your application to the online portal then, visit our YouTube channel watch a video on how to apply for Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program. Also, comments under the video if you need any information we will guide you properly our service is fully free. If you need any other type of scholarship then, visit our website we are updated regularly at If you need any type of discussion about the scholarship from all over the world then, must join our FB Group to discuss scholarships.


The duration of the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program is 10month to 12-month.

How to Apply for Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program

Applicants must fill the online USEFP Humphrey Application on the official website. Before applying to Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program applicants must read the all instruction of the program. If you want to see the official announcement of the program the link is mention here. Apply here

Click on it to check the official Announcement