OIST Internship in Japan

Currently, Japan offers OIST internships for both national and international students. Japan Internship program in Japan is a golden opportunity for all students who are interested in the internship program. Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Internship invites domestic and international students to pursue their research in Japan. The students continue their research in the latest laboratories. So, Japan Internship considers the best internship program in Asia that train students to achieve their life goals. After this internship, the internet can work for any international company. Also, international companies prefer the OIST Internship holder who completes their internship in Japan. Because Japan has become a most latest country to manufacture cars and as well as electronics. OIST research internship gives technical knowledge of the internet.

So, if you are interested then, don’t miss this golden opportunity. All the details about the internship program in Japan are mention. So, please read carefully all details. In this way, you cover your all queries about OIST Internship in Japan. For the purpose to apply applicants must prepare their documents and apply as soon as possible. The applicants also, contribute their research activities at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. The OIST research internship program in Japan also increases the confidence and techniques of the internees. They provide the chance to continue their research under the top world supervisors. Japan Internship program also proves a stepping stone toward a secure future who get the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Internship Program. Hence, the OIST Faculty consider the top research faculty in the whole world. So, continue their internship under top world-famous supervisors.

OIST Research Work

The research work of the OIST research internship may relate to projects like Integrative Community, Energy Unit, Non-linear Equilibrium, Physics Unit, Quantum Systems, Evolutionary Genomics, Fluid Mechanics, Computational Neuroscience, and also, Biological Systems, etc. The internees are divide into different units. Each unit has its own supervisor. OIST obligates to create an impartial and various environment. Hence, the OSIT Internship does not separate based on gender, age, sexual orientation, culture, national origin, and marital status. So, every person welcomes to Japan internship it depends on your merit.

Details of OIST Internship

The host country of the Japan Internship program is Japan and the Institute’s name is OIST Graduate School. The duration of the internship program is 2-6 months.

Research Areas

  • Nonlinear and Non-equilibrium Physics, Evolutionary Genomics, Fluid Mechanics, Quantum Systems, Femtosecond Spectroscopy, Neural Computation, Biodiversity, and also Biocomplexity.
  • Computational Neuroscience, Electronic, and Quantum Magnetism, Igor Goryanin Biological Systems, Embodied Cognitive Science Unit, Neural Coding and Brain Computing Unit, Sensory and Behavioral Neuroscience, Mathematics, Mechanics, and also Materials.
  • Continuum Physics, Theoretical Physics, Immune Signalling, Membrane Cooperativity, Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis, Membranology Unit, Organic Optoelectronics, Quantum Dynamics, Neuroimaging, Genomics, and Regulatory Systems Unit, Protein Engineering and Evolution.
  • Information Processing Biology, Ecology, and Evolution, Physics and Biology, Developmental Neurobiology, Marine Biophysics, Quantum Gravity, Quantum Materials Science, Light-Matter Interactions for Quantum Technologies, Biological Complexity, Numerical simulations of laminar and turbulent complex flow, Plant Epigenetics, Marine Climate Change, Theory of Quantum Matter.


  • Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics, Cellular Biology, Nonlinear Analysis Unit, Quantum Wave Microscopy, Representation Theory, and Algebraic Combinatorics Unit, Experimental Quantum Information Physics, Cellular, and Molecular Synaptic Function, Biological Physics Theory, Chemistry, and Chemical Bioengineering, Cognitive Neurorobotics, Shocks, Solitons, and also, Turbulence Unit.
  • Memory Research Unit, Gravity, Quantum Geometry, and Field Theory, Human Developmental Neurobiology, Cell Signalling, Evolutionary Neurobiology Unit, Neurobiology Research, Neuronal Rhythms in Movement, Neuronal Mechanisms for the Critical Period, Molecular Cryo-Electron Microscopy, Bioinspired Soft Matter, G0 Cell Unit, Nucleic Acid Chemistry, and Engineering.

Financial Coverage of OIST Internship

  • OIST research internship will also assist in vis acquisitions, insurance procedures, and local registration.
  • The students will get a 2400 JPY allowance per day and weekends will be excluded and the allowance will be taxable.
  • Interns also get the free OIST shuttle bus pass under Japan Internship.
  • Interns receive the air ticket and also, free accommodation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Those students in the final 2-year of the undergraduate/master’s program can apply for the OSIT Internship program in Japan. In this situation, students must have approval from their home institution.
  • Recently graduated students can also, apply for the Japan Internship program.

OIST Required Documents

The document list is mentioned here, which is necessary to apply for the OIST Internship program in Japan.

  • CV, and also, need minimum 400 words Personal Statement.
  • All academic transcripts or result cards must translate into the English Language.
  • Recommendation letter and ID photo.

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How to Apply Japan Internship program 

If anyone wants to apply for the OIST Internship program in Japan then all links are mention here. In this regard, applicants must log in and also, create an online profile. In order to get a successful application, one recommendation letter must send by your referee to OIST. When the letter is submitted you also, receive the message from Japan Internship. If you want to see the official announcement of the Japan Internship program then, the official site button is mention under you can also, check it. If you want to submit your application for Japan Internship then, the apply button is mention under and you can also, submit your application OIST internship login.

   Apply            Official-Site


  • The deadline for the OIST internship Round 2 is October 15th, 2022, 23:59 (JST UTC+9).


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