Khalifa University Scholarship 2022

The Lanzhou University of Technology offers a president scholarship founded in 1909. It is a full-fledged college directly under the Ministry of Education of China. So, it is one of the key community development colleges “985 Project” and “211 Project”, as well as one of the state. Lanzhou University boasts a wide range of controls covering each of the 12 faculty members and offer scholarship for 12 faculty. This scholarship is offered to worldwide students. So, every student can apply for this scholarship. Also, check all scholarships in China.

Details of Scholarship

Lanzhou University of Technology President Scholarship that provides to every successful student 1500 RMB for 10 months in one year. No need to send a hard copy document only an Online application is enough. It is offered for BS, MS, and Ph.D. students and the result will be announced in July. The deadline for the Lanzhou University of Technology Scholarship is 30-June-2022.

How to Apply For This Scholarship

  1. 1st you must fill Lanzhou University of Technology application form online
  2. Upload documents according to the requirement of the university
  3. When you pass the initial review. Then, you pay the application fee of 400 RMB. There is no need to pay before applying. After that university arrange an interview and inform you in email or university portal about the fee and interview
  4. There is no need to send hard copy documents to the university address.

Contact University Email:

If you want to submit your application under the Lanzhou University of Technology President Scholarship 2022 in China. If you want to see the official announcement of the Scholarship then, you need to click on the official link of the University. You should submit your application on the Lanzhou University of Technology Scholarship portal the link is also, here. You can simply click on the link and also, fill out the university application form and submit others documents on the Portal.

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Click on it to Apply on University Portal


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