HEC Chinese Government Scholarship HEC CSC Scholarship 2023

HEC CSC Scholarship China Scholarship Fully Funded Scholarship 2021

The application for the HEC Chinese Government Scholarship 2023 accepts the application from Pakistanis Students. Students who want to pursue their Bachelor’s, Master’s, and a Ph.D. degree in China. All students from Pakistan can apply for the HEC CSC Scholarship in China. The Chinese Scholarship Council is accepting all degree-holder students from Pakistan. If you want to apply for the HEC Chinese Government Scholarship then, don’t waste your time. You should apply as soon as possible under the China Scholarship Council. China has become a huge study platform for all international students. China has introduced the latest technology and also, has advanced labs in their universities. International and domestic students access this opportunity to use these labs.

HEC CSC Scholarship program sponsors all international students, all teachers, and also, scholars to undertake their ant degree like graduate, Master, and Ph.D. HEC Chinese Government Scholarship is a fully funded Scholarship that covers your all expenses in China. China Scholarship Council consigns by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China that is organized from enrollment to, administration of the Scholarship Program. It is a golden opportunity for Pakistani students. So, If you are from Pakistan then, don’t lose this great opportunity and also, secure your future.


The applicants with a view to increasing the educational cooperation between Pakistan and China. The HEC CSC scholarship is offering for Pakistani students, teachers/Scholars to pursue their higher education in Chinese Universities. Also, students/researcher conduct their research in Chinese Universities. On the behalf of HEC Government of Pakistan HEC nominating the agency for the HEC Chinese Government Scholarship in the academic year 2022. CSC Scholarship-qualified applicants can also apply for scholarships to pursue their bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. programs in their respective fields of study.

HEC CSC Scholarship under Chinese Universities offers a huge range of academic programs in different fields. These fields include science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, economics, legal studies, management, education, history, literature, philosophy and also, fine art, etc, and recipients at all levels.

HEC Chinese Government Scholarship increases the relationship between China and Pakistan. So, the Government of China offers Scholarships for Pakistani students. Students also, conduct their research in China. Hence, the HEC CSC Scholarship is a great opportunity for students in Pakistan. Hence, this scholarship is offered on behalf of the HEC. So, we must follow the instruction of HEC. CSC is consigned by the Ministry of Education. It is also, responsible for the administration and enrollment. Every student can apply. Because you can also apply to all universities in China. So, every department and program is available in this scheme. Visit the site www.ineedscholarship.com for daily updates and also, check more grants from all over the world.

The program offered by the HEC CSC Scholarship

HEC Chinese Government Scholarship off all these degrees and also, mention the duration of the study period. You can also, see your degree program and the duration of your degree in Chinese universities.

Degree Duration Chinese Language
Bachelor 4-5-year 1-2-year
Master 2-3-year 1-2-year
P.h.D 3-4-year 1-2-year

Also, include 1-year Chinese language in some programs.

Financial Support

HEC Chinese Government Scholarship covers your all expenses and also, gives you a monthly stipend for your daily living expenses. The stipend criteria are different for each degree the list of stipends is mention here.

  • HEC CSC Scholarship covers your full tuition fee, and also, administration costs.
  • Free hostel/dormitory at university.
  • If you are selected undergraduate degree then, you get a Monthly 2,500CNY.
  • For Master’s degree students 3,000 CNY per month
  • For Ph.D. students 3,500 per month.

Travel Expense

Travel expenditure born the winning candidates and will not cover by the HEC Chinese Government Scholarship. China and HEC were not responsible for airfare.

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Eligibility of HEC CSC Scholarship

  • Candidates must be Pakistani and AJ&K.
  • Good health.
  • Incomplete degree students can not apply. So, the degree must be complete before the deadline to apply for the HEC Chinese Government Scholarship.
  • If you apply for an undergraduate then, you must be under the age of 25. And also, have 12 years of education in any field.
  •  If anyone applies for a Master’s then, he must be under the age of 35-year. Also, have a complete degree of 16-year of education.
  • Applicant must have MS/Mphil(17-18) years of education for Apply to P.h.D. Also, must be under the age of 40-year.
  • Currently, students may not be in receive any other types of scholarship.

How to Apply for HEC Chinese Government Scholarship

Eligible Candidates are encouraged to apply. So, follows these steps to apply for the HEC CSC Scholarship. Deadline 15-December-2022.


1st check the CSC Portal and Then, submit your application. When you fill out the form must select category A and the Agency number is 5861. The link is mention below for registration and creating an account. How to register or create an account on this. Click on it to watch a video to submit your application under the HEC Chinese Government Scholarship.

Click on it Apply on CSC Portal


Pay 500Rs for the application fee in any branch of HBL in Pakistan Account# 17427900133401.


After completing the above all steps then Submit your final application on HEC Portal by clicking on the following link

Now submit your application on HEC Portal. The link of HEC mention Bellow

Click On It to Apply HEC Online Portal

If you face any issues while you apply for the HEC Chinese Government Scholarship. Then, you need must comments and also, watch videos on how to apply for the HEC CSC Scholarship. Apply link and the official site of the China Scholarship Council link are mention here. You can also, check the official account of the Scholarship. If you want to discuss the scholarship and also, know all the latest scholarship updates. Then, must join our FB-Group for more discussion about all scholarships in the world.

Required Documents HEC CSC Scholarship

Students submit their documents online with the objective to apply for the HEC Chinese Government Scholarship. When you are shortlisted then, HEC asks you to submit documents in hard copy. So, no need to send a hard copy of the documents now.

  •  Passport and Educational Degree/Transcript
  • Educational Documents ( notarized)
  • Academic CV and Statement purpose
  • 2-Recommendation letter
  • Acceptance Letter(optional)If you have one then, must submit it.
  • Study/Research Plan
  • Language Certificate(if you have one)
  • Papers, Publication, Award, and other achievements(if you have)

Click on it to see the official announcement