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World Bank Legal Internship Program

Now, the world bank offers World Bank Legal Internship Program for all international students from all over the world. The legal voice presidency provides highly motivated law students. World Bank Internship opportunity to be exposed to the mission and also, work under the World Bank. The legal internship program provides the individual to bring new perspective, innovative ideas, and also research experience in the world bank. If you want to apply for the Legal Internship Program. Then, don’t waste your time applying as soon as possible. Also, prepare the documents according to the requirement of the Word Bank Internship Program. The World Bank Internship is for genius students from all over the world and also, and the students have different qualities like communication, leadership, and demonstrating to themselves.

The goal of the World Bank Legal Internship Program

The main objective of the Legal Internship Program is to offer you 1st-hand experiences of the day-to-day operation of the world bank. Also, the world bank closely cooperates with the staff of the bank in the legal voice presidency. As a part of the World Bank Internship team, interns work directly with excellent and inspiring development professionals and as well as senior management. They will get the chance to contribute to the legal service that is offered by the legal vice presidency as well as participates in high-profile events during the term of their internship.

The applicants who get the World Bank Legal Internship work as a team under the supervision of the world’s top professional and excellent team for the Legal Vice Presidency. Hence, the World Bank Internship opportunity offer to genius and top-level law students to step into the practical field of these assisting motivational professionals in their legal work. All this work relates to the projects of the world’s most prestigious company. The Legal Voice Presidency provides legal assistance to the bank. Therefore, the intern’s practice to the high profile cases that relate to corporate, finance, administration, and also, other constitutional issues.

World Bank Legal Internship Program

The world bank internship legal program is offered three times in one year. There is a three-cycle to get an internship at World Bank. Also, the duration of the internship in the world bank is 3-month in Washington, D.C., and also, in certain selected country offices for enrolled law school students.

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Programs of World Bank Legal Internship Program

Summer Internship Program

The application period for the World Bank Internship Program summer starts on December 1 and ends on 31 December. The internship period is mention here for 10-12 weeks typically between June and August depending on the situation. So, it is considered a golden opportunity for domestic and as well as international students.

Fall Internship Program

The fall World Bank Internship period starts on 1st April and the end date is on 30 April and the application period is 10-12 weeks. Typically between September to November depending on the current situation. Students looking at these types of internships to gain professional experience at the World Bank. The World Bank enroll students as full-time law program and part-time programs.

Spring Internship Program

The spring World Bank Internship application period starts from the 1st of September to 30 September and the duration of weeks is 10-12 weeks. The spring internship program typically starts between March and May.

Additional Information about World Bank Legal Internship Program

Visa: Legal Internship Program at World Bank students must have valid student visa documents sponsored by their institutes. The World Bank shall only assist with the visa documents for participants in the Legal Internship Program in exceptional cases.

Cost: There is no need to pay any type of fee for students. The world bank directly contacts the Universities. Each applicant must follow the instruction of the World Bank and also, follow these rules. Therefore remunerate in accordance with World Bank Group policies and standards. The world bank academic credit is equivalent to the bank fee schedule.

Medical Insurance: The interns of the world bank internship are responsible for their medical insurance, accidents, and illness during the internship, and also, the interns show proof of valid global medical insurance convergence.

Selection Process: There is no preference for any nation or race. The merit depends on the student’s capability. There is a very comparative selection of the different qualities of the students like intelligence, good communication, and leadership qualities.

Onboarding: The World Bank Internship shall organize a explain onboarding session at the beginning of the summer, fall and also, and spring internship program.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidates must be citizenship holders of any IBRO member state.
  • Also, the students enrolled in the degree of law i.e LLB, JD, LLM, SJD, or equivalent program to the objective to apply for the World Bank Internship.
  • When you apply then, you must have a recognized insurance policy.
  • Students must be able to remunerate by the university or other funding organization with WB Policy.
  • If an applicant has the skill of a second language like (Arabic, French, Chinese, Spanish, or Russian) then he/she prefer.
  • Both domestic and international students can apply.

How to Apply for World Bank Internship Program

If you want to apply for the internship at the world bank. Then, all apply and official links are mention here. You can also, simply click on Apply button for the objective of submitting your application. If you want to see the official announcement of the World Bank Internship. Then the official link is mention here. Also, follow these steps before submitting your application on the portal.

  • Applicants submit their applications online through the World Bank.
  • While submitting your application fill in all queries.
  • Then, upload your all documents in require format(like pdf) on the portal.
  • The students can also, select up to three preferred operational or corporate practice groups of different countries.
  • The applicants have to choose their preferred place and country for World Bank Internship.

Deadline of World Bank Legal Internship Program

The application deadline for the World Bank Legal Internship Program application deadline is September 1st to 30-September-2022. If you face any problems while submitting your application on the portal. Then, must-watch video on how to create an account and submit your application. Also, join our FB-Group for more discussion about Internships and Scholarships from all over the world. We are completely a guide to everyone.

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