Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships Switzerland Scholarship 2022

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship

Now the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2022 are open for all international students. All students can pursue their Master’s, Ph.D. Postdoctoral and also, Research Program under the Switzerland Scholarship. If anyone interest in the Swiss Scholarship then, hurry up and also, submit your application as soon as possible because they are accepting applications now from all around the world. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships is a fully free scholarship in Switzerland 2022.

This Switzerland Scholarship 2022 does not require an application fee at the time of application. Almost all field of study is available and you can also, apply according to your choice. Roundabout 180 countries nationalities holder students are eligible and also, to pursue their higher education.

We are also, upload some suggestions and guidelines for how to get the scholarship in any country. You can read our tips that are very helpful for your scholarship. If you want to read tips for how to get a scholarship then, must-visit Blog Category. All tips are mentioned here everyone can read and also, get assistance. Switzerland locates in Europe that offers the most prestigious higher education for all students. All details about are Switzerland Scholarship under and also, some European Universities accept students without IELTS.

Every Year Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships promote international exchange and also, research cooperation among Switzerland and more than 180 other counties from all around the world. Recipients are chosen by the awarding body and Federal Commission for the Awards for International Students(FCS). The Switzerland Scholarship is objective at young researchers from the international level that complete their Master’s or Ph.D. degrees as foreign artists holding a bachelor’s degree.


Organization: The Scholarship provide organization name is Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2022
Department: All fields of study available
degree- Level: Master, Ph.D., postdoctoral and also, research programs
Award: Switzerland Scholarship is a Fully Free scholarship in Switzerland.
Apply method: Each applicant can submit their application in Online mode
Nationality: All nationalities holders students can apply for Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships
Deadline: It varies from country to country September-December

Types of scholarship

  • Research Scholarship available to post-graduate researchers in any field in which they want to pursue their degree(who hold at least a master’s degree). Also, make a plan to come to Switzerland to pursue their research or further education at doctoral or post-doctoral degree under the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships. So, the Research Scholarships are awarded for research or study at all Swiss cantonal universities, universities of applied science, and other two federal institutes of the technology four research institute. Just nominate applicants by an academic mentor at one of these higher education institutions who will consider for the Switzerland Scholarship.
  • Art Scholarship offer for art students who want to pursue their initial master’s degree in Switzerland. This type of scholarship is awarded for study at any Swiss conservatory/university of the art. Art Scholarship is offered to students from a limited number of counties.

Countries A – L/M – Z

There are two countries’ levels and also, check the application deadline of different types of scholarships that offers. It depends on the country to country and applicants will search for details of what to do next and how to get more information. If you want to check then you need to click on the link A-L. If you want to check M-Z

If you want to study in another country with a scholarship. So, we guide you on how to get scholarships all around the world. There are multiple scholarships is available for international students who want to study abroad under full scholarship. Also, check other scholarships from all over the world.

Selection Switzerland Scholarship

Applicants are subject to preliminary selection by the relevant national authorities/Swiss diplomatic representation. The applicants who are shortlisted are then assessed by the Federal Commission for Scholarships for International Students in which they take the final decision for Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships.

There are three criteria for FCS assesses scholarship application

  1. Applicant profile
  2. Quality of the research project or artistic work
  3. Synergies and potential for future research cooperation

After that FCS is composed of professors from Swiss public universities and also, the scholarship awards are decided on the basis of applicants’ academic and scientific excellence.


All students who want to apply for Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships. Then, they need to fulfill these criteria

  • International students are eligible to apply for Switzerland Scholarship.
  • Applicants Master/Ph.D degree or equivalent degree get before 31-July-2022 that recognize by the Swiss university.
  • Need Bachelor Degree for Master of Arts
  • The application date of birth must after the 31-December-1986
  • Students who are in Switzerland for more than one year at the starting of the award in September are not eligible for Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships.
  • Students should provide a letter from the academic host professor at the selection Swiss university confirming. They are willing to supervise and also, support the research. Because without support, the application will reject for Switzerland Scholarship.
  • Students need a research proposal in which includes a time frame and the centerpiece of the application. The application should devote all require attention to it.
  • Students are also, in command of the necessary language skills that require for research/study.
  • Students who already have coverage from Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships are not eligible to apply for a 2nd-time scholarship.

Financial Coverage

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2022 are fully free scholarships in Switzerland that will cover your all Expenses. Benefits cover your tuition fee, registration, Monthly Stipend, Airfare, Accommodation, Health, insurance, and also, Housing allowance research fund.

If you want to check the official announcement of the Switzerland Scholarship. Then, we mention the official button under. You can simply click on the button and also, see the announcement. If you face any issue while submitting your application for Swiss Government Scholarships then must watch a video on YouTube for how to apply for Switzerland Scholarship. If you want to need any other information about the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships or any other country scholarships. Then, must join our FB-Group for more discussion.