Now the Chinese Government offering the Zhejiang University CSC Scholarship 2022 for all international students. All students who want to pursue their Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Zhejiang University with scholarships. They need to plan to apply for the Zhejiang scholarship in China. So, hurry up and prepare your documents at this time according to the requirement of the university. The application is open now under Zhejiang University CSC Scholarship 2022. The admissions are starting for September intake 2022 and also, start the application at ZJU Scholarship. So, if our interest in it. Then, all procedures are mentioned. Students will receive a monthly stipend. Hence, All international students from all over the world are qualified to pursue a master’s or doctorate.

  1.  If students fail in the annual review his Zhejiang Scholarship is terminated.
  2.  Student can not change their institution and program. The duration of the program is mentioned in the admission notice.
  3.  All students who suspend their education reason for illness. They must back to their home country for treatment. And also, Zhejiang University CSC Scholarship is reserved for one 1-year.
  4.  So, check the requirements and content of CSC. So, please visit the site (Link).

ZJU university is one of the oldest universities in Zhejiang that offer various awards for all nationalities holders students from all over the world. Zhejiang University offers both English and Chinese language program it depends on the program that you select at the application time.

ZJU was founded in 1897 as a major public university in Zhejiang China and Zhejiang University’s rank is very in China and as well as global level.

Duration ZJU Scholarship Program

The duration of the Master’s Program is 2-3 years under the Zhejiang Scholarship. The duration of the Ph.D. program is 3-4 years under Zhejiang University CSC Scholarship 2022.

Also, check

 Eligibility ZJU Scholarship

    1. The applicants must be out of China and also, good academic record
    2. Good research ability for their research period.
    3. For applicants who want to apply for a Master’s degree that the age limit is a maximum 35-year age at the time of applying for the Zhejiang Scholarship.
    4. Students who want to apply for the Ph.D. program then, under the age of 40year at the time of applying.

Financial Coverage Zhejiang Scholarship

Zhejiang University CSC Scholarship 2022 covers all expenses during the study period. All these financial benefits are mentioned under the ZJU Scholarship.

  • Registration Fee and also, Tuition Fee
  • other expenses like books
  • Hostel fee, Medical Insurance and also, Monthly Stipend

How to Apply for Zhejiang Scholarship

  • All applicants should 1st Fill CSC online application form and also, submit their documents on the portal.
  • Then, upload Documents
  • When submitting their application on the CSC Portal then, fill Zhejiang Scholarship University form online.

If you want to submit your application under the Zhejiang University CSC Scholarship 2022 in China. We are mentioning all buttons include the Zhejiang Scholarship University application button, CSC Scholarship apply button, and also, official announcement ZJU Scholarship button. If you want to see the official announcement of the Scholarship at Zhejiang University then, you need to click on the official button. When you want to submit your application on the CSC portal then, you clink on the CSC button. After that, the CSC portal opens and you can also, submit your application easily to the Chinese Government Scholarship portal. After that, you should submit your application on the Zhejiang Scholarship University portal the university button is also, here. You can simply click on the button and also, fill the Zhejiang University application form and submit others documents on the Portal.

If you face in problem while submitting your application under the Zhejiang University CSC Scholarship 2022. Then, must visit our YouTube Channel and also, watch videos on how to apply for ZJU Scholarship. If you want to discuss any scholarship from all over the world. Then, you need to Join FB-Group for more discussion about All Scholarships in China and other countries.

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