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Wuhan University CSC Scholarship For International Students 2021

Chinese Government offers the Wuhan University CSC Scholarship 2023. If you are interested Scholarship at Wuhan University. Then, hurry up. Hence, the application process starts for the 2023 September intake. So, prepare your documents for the procedure. Wuhan is the capital of the Hubei Province of China. It has also, a long and rich history. Also, historical history. It is also industrial history.

If anyone is interested in Wuhan University CSC Scholarship 2023. Then, prepare your documents according to the requirement of the Wuhan University Scholarship. Also, apply as soon as possible because easy year they receive thousands of applications from all over the world. So, we prefer when the university offers the scholarship then, you should submit your application early. In this way, your application becomes in the process. Otherwise, if you apply late at the end of the last date they get already thousand of applications maybe they do not focus on your application.

About University

Wuhan University was established in 1893 as a public university and also, the oldest university in Hubei. It is high ranking university in China. All international students can pursue their Master’s and Ph.D. degrees under the Wuhan University CSC Scholarship 2023.

Admission to Wuhan university is a very great opportunity for you to pursue your Master’s and Ph.D. degrees with pay any cost of study because the Wuhan University CSC Scholarship 2023 is a fully free scholarship that is offered by the China Scholarship Council. Wuhan University Scholarship covers all expenses of the students who get the scholarship. There are more than 3500 international students who are studying at this university. The University promotes and also focuses on research work and its development. Therefore, all nationalities of students will be able to build cross-cultural understanding and also, complete their traveling desire abroad.

There are a huge number of multiple degree programs for both Master’s and Ph.D. under the Wuhan University CSC Scholarship 2023. The Chinese Scholarship program is funded by the Ministry of Education of China that is abjective to create outstanding international confidence and also, improve the perception of China’s higher education under the mandate of MOE.

Scholarship Coverage

Wuhan University Scholarship is a fully free scholarship that covers all these expenses that are mentioned under

  1. Scholarship at Wuhan University covers your Tuition Fee during the study period.
  2.  Wuhan University CSC Scholarship also covers the hostel Fee(700rmb monthly).
  3.  The monthly stipend is 3000rmb for Master’s program students and also, 3500rmb for Ph.D. students.
  4. Cover the medical insurance under the Wuhan University Chinese Government Scholarship

Details Wuhan University Scholarship

  • Scholarship provider: Chinese Government Scholarship.
  • Institute: The Institute’s name is Wuhan University in China.
  • Degree-Level: The program offers only Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.
  • Grant: The Wuhan University CSC Scholarship 2023 is a fully free Scholarship for all international students who want to pursue their Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.
  • Deadline: The application portal normally starts from 1 December 2022 to 25 February 2023.

Eligibility Wuhan University Scholarship

  • Applicants must be out of China(International students ) and also, in good health.
  • English language proof
  • The applicant did not receive any other type of Scholarship.
  •  Applicants did not receive any other types of scholarship if they want to get Wuhan University CSC Scholarship 2023.
  • If you apply for a Master’s then, you must have a bachelor’s degree certificate and your age is under 35 years.
  • If you apply for P.h.D. then, your age must be under 40-year and also, a Master’s degree for admission to the Ph.D. program under the apply for Wuhan University Scholarship.
  • Applicants who want to apply for the Chinese medium program then, need at least an HSK 4-level certificate as a Chinese Proficiency while submitting their application on the portal.
  • Students who want to apply for English medium programs then need to provide English Proficiency Letter for their previous institute in which they clearly mention your previous study in English Medium. If you have English Test then, it is better for TOEFL to require a score of 80 and IELTS require a score of 5.5.

Programs Wuhan University Scholarship

The Wuhan University CSC Scholarship 2023 huge range of degree programs for Master and Ph.D.

  • Environment and Natural Resources, Regional Economy, International Relations, Politics, Business and also, and Journalism, and Communication. Philosophy, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Chinese Philosophy, E-Commerce, International Law, History, and Biology (all majors). Clinical Medicine, Global Health (all majors), Chemistry, Electrical Engineering Cartography and also, Geographical information system, etc.

Procedure Wuhan University CSC Scholarship 2023

  1. 1st you apply on the CSC application online portal. The agency number of Wuhan University is 10486 and also, select the B category. After submitting the application. Then, you can download or print the application.
  2. Then, submit your application on the Wuhan University online application portal.

Also, Check other

Both the Wuhan University Scholarship application portal and CSC application portal buttons mention here. If you want to submit your application under the Wuhan University CSC application then, simply click on these buttons and also, submit your application. For the CSC Scholarship, you should need to submit your application on both portals. If you face any problem while submitting your application under the Wuhan University Scholarship then your must visit our YouTube Channel the video is mention how to apply and submit your application on both portals. If you want to discuss any type of scholarship from all over the world or Wuhan University CSC Scholarship 2023 then, you should Join our GB-Group. When you need any information we shall reply to you as soon as possible.

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