UNICEF Internship Program 2022-2023

UNICEF Internship Program

Now the UNICEF Internship Program 2022 is open for all international students. So, all applicants who have Undergraduate, Graduate, Master and Ph.D. students can apply for the UNICEF Internship program. There is only one requirement to apply for the UN Internship the candidates must be 18-year old or above. It is the best opportunity for all students because it UNICEF Internship program requirement is no high. So, each student can fulfill the requirement easily and the UNICEF operates in almost 190 countries that are United Nation agency based in New York. If you have not known what is the UNICEF Internship program. Then, you don’t worry about the UN Internship. In this regard, you must read all detail about the UNICEF Internship program. If anyone wants to apply for UN Internship. Then, please don’t waste your time and apply as soon as possible to submit your application.

UNICEF Vacancies

UNICEF Internship program offers also, vacancies and internships in different locations in European counters and other locations. Many internships are available in different countries. So, you must check the internship location and also, the deadline of the UNICEF Internship Program. The official internship deadlines and location are mention here. If you want to check it then, click on this link to check the current vacancies.

It is a paid internship all over the world. The successful candidate affords their all expenses and also, save some money if they want for family purpose. So, check the above mention link to see vacancies according to your choice. Each location and rules are mentions here so, you can also, check it. There is no application fee or other type of changes takes from students. So, the UNICEF Internship program is a fully free internship in different locations worldwide. The duration of the UNICEF Internship Program depends on the program that you select according to your choice. All the expenses of successful candidates cover UNICEF.

Financial Coverage

  • Travel and also, expenses provide to the candidates
  • Also, Monthly stipend
  • Accommodation and living expenses include food expenses all these covered by UNICEF.

Also, Check


UNICEF stands for Unites Nation Children’s Fund that leads an intergovernmental organization for child protection and support to the child. Now the UNICEF almost works in 190 countries and the staff of the UNICEF has over 13,000 that have different nationalities from all over the world. Wich includes many NGOs and other private companies participate in it. Hence, it is a very large organization that works with multi nationalities holder staff.

UNICEF Internship Program available at the global level so, everyone can also, apply without face any problem. So, don’t miss this opportunity to secure your future at UNICEF. The other big relief is if any students enroll in any class. Then, no need to hesitate to apply for UNICEF Internship Program all these conditions students are eligible for. If you get the internship then, you no need to go anywhere. You can also, take classes online at home, office anywhere. The certificate of the UNICEF is a very high priority and also, acceptable in any country from all over the world.

Eligibility Criteria of UNICEF internship program

In anyone interested in UNICEF Internship Program then, he must fulfill these criteria.

  •  Fluency in the working language of the office you are applying to may also be required.
  • For the Internship, the applicants must international Undergraduate or Graduate degree holder students or pursuing their degree from any country.
  • Those students who do not complete their undergraduate or graduate degree continue from any country are eligible and also, enrolled past two years.
  • Have excellent academic performance as demonstrated by recent university/education records.
  • Applicants must excellent performance in their previous education.
  • There is no need for any reference in UN Internship.
  • Applicants must the age of 18-years old.


The UNICEF Internship Program open all year. All internship program is open for the whole year. You can select your program according to your choice and also, location in which you want the internship. Join Facebook Group and YouTube Channel how to submit your application/

How to Apply for UNICEF Internship Program

All applicants must read the eligibility criteria. Then, they submit your application on the UN Internship portal. If you want to check the vacancies page then, click here. Select the type of internship here. Candidates can also select the position level “Internship” here. Hence, all the Internship display on-site and you can also, apply now for UNICEF Internship Program

Click on it to check the official Announcement