Romania Government Scholarship 2022 For International Students

Romania Government Scholarship 2021-Universities in Romania

Romania Government Scholarship 2022 recently open. If you want to study in Romania. Then, make a plan for study in Romania. If you are interested in a Romanian scholarship in Romania. Then, hurry up and don’t waste your time. Prepare your documents according to the scholarship requirements. Because Romania is a beautiful country. Romania is a member of the EU since 1-1-2007. Romania’s currency is Leu, not the euro. It is also not a member of the Schengen area. Hence, its education system is very advanced. University labs also with advanced technology. Now Romania focuses on the latest research.

So, decided to invite students from all over the world. The main purpose of the scholarship in Romania is research. Also, promote the value of their degrees in the world. This scholarship is offered by the ministry of foreign affairs. So, everyone contact with Romania embassy in your own country. Also, visit the site for daily updates. This scholarship offer to those students who live out of Europe. Also, apply Graduate, Master’s, and P.h.D student under the Romania Government Scholarship 2022.

Every year the Romanian Scholarship through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives a scholarship to international students who are non-Eu countries. The applicants who have an excellent educational background and also, the respectively average of study.

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  • Undergraduate 3-6 years it depends on the university.
  • Similarly, Master 2-year.
  • P.h.D 3-4 years.
  • Also, the huge range of academic fields in the Romanian Institute. So, everyone can apply who fulfills the requirements.

Details Romanian scholarship

  • Host: The Scholarship provides country name is Romania
  • Organization: Romania Government Scholarship 2022 (MFA)
  • Institute: All universities
  • Degree-Level: BS/MS/PhD
  • Award: Partial Scholarship (will not cover your transport and food)
  • Application-Method: Depends on the embassy
  • Nationality: International
  • Deadline: vary from country to country


  • Applicants must be from non-EU countries.
  • Good academic profile for applying to Romanian scholarship.
  • Complete all embassy requirements in your own country.
  • If you apply for a bachelor’s. Then, you must have a 12-years degree or diploma.
  • Similarly, if anyone applies for the Master’s program. Then, he must have done Graduate.
  • If you apply for the Doctor program. Then, must have a Master 18-year to apply for Romania Government Scholarship 2022.
  • Physically and mentally fit.
  • You can also, apply without IELTS/other language proof.

There are many programs and universities under Romanian Government Scholarships for international students. For better understanding please click the below link and download the Pdf file of the Universities under the Romanian Government Scholarship and all those programs are eligible which are taught in universities, you can check one by one

Also, visit How to apply for a Scholarship and submit the application

There are many institutes and programs offered by Romania Government Scholarship 2022 for International Students. The link is mentioned here to check the university and program list under the Romanian scholarship. So, please click the link to see the University’s list. Also, mention all programs that offer by Romanian Universities. After clicking on the link the list is downloaded to your system.

Click on it to Check List of Universities and program


  • The application must be a white plastic file.
  • Official Letter by the diplomatic mission(contact with embassy maybe provide ).
  • Appendix-1 application form.
  • Appendix-2 Application form.
  • Educational degree(verified by MOFA and notarized).
  • ID card copy(attested MOFA).
  • 1st three pages passport(copy)
  • Medical certificate
  • 2-picture(Passport size).


  • Registration fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Hostel Fee
  • 65 euro for BS, 75 for Master and also, 85 For P.h.d Monthly

If you face in problem while submitting your application under the Romania Government Scholarship 2022. Then, must visit our YouTube-Channel and also, watch videos on how to apply for the Romanian scholarship. If you want to discuss any scholarship from all over the world. Then, you need to Join FB-Group for more discussion about Scholarships in Romania and also, other countries from all over the world.

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