Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship 2022 AKF Scholarship

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

Currently, the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship 2022 is open for all students. Applicants who want to apply for AKF Scholarship 2022. Then hurry up and prepare their documents according to the requirement of the AGA Scholarship. It is a great opportunity for those students who want to pursue their higher education without paying university fees. The university also delivers a well-expert staff to students. Students from developing countries are eligible for this scholarship program. So, it is a great opportunity for all international students to pursue their higher education under the scholarship. If you want to study abroad then, don’t waste this opportunity.

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship 2022 objective is to aid families that can not afford their study expenses. The Aga Khan Univerity offers students a full free scholarship that covers their tuition fees and also, other living expenses. Therefore, the applicants who can not continue their studies due to financial issues this kind of student must apply for AKF Scholarship.

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  • Scholarship Provider: The Scholarship provider organization is Aga Khan Foundation.
  • Age: Applicant must be under the age of the 30-years.
  • Deadline: The deadline is 31-Marsh-2022.

Each year the foundation helps thousands of students in over the 30 countries in which they improve their quality of life through their work and their communities. Hence, improving life quality shows the importance of human hard and capacity building.

The applicants who are excellent, talented and also, well-deserving can apply for the AKF Scholarship 2022. So, the applicants can continue their higher education without facing any financial problems. Therefore, they give students from their country developing with a chance to achieve better training for the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship. The Aga Funds offer to develop countries students who can not afford self-study.


All these countries’ students are eligible for the Aga Khan scholarship in which include Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar, and also, Mozambique. In France, Portugal, the UK, USA, and Canada, applications are accepted from those applicants who are really from one of these countries interested in developing education.

Residency Requirement For AKF Scholarship

The organization accepts only eligible countries’ nationalities holders that we mention above who are residing in one of the countries where the AKF, AKES, or Aga Khan Education Board(AKEB) in which the organization contacts the interview of the applicants and also, process the application.

Selection for Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

The main selection criteria for selecting scholarship winners are under

  • The applicants must the good academic records.
  • The scholarship provides who are genuinely needed financially.
  • Provide admission to top-ranking universities’ programs of education.
  • AKDN’s focus areas that relevant to the field of the study.
  • Applicants evaluate on demonstrating thoughtful and also, coherent study and their career strategies, extra-curricular interests, and getting the potential objective.
  • Applicants should need some years of work experience in their field of interest in which they complete their studies or want to apply for the AKF Scholarship.

Financial Support

The organization help students with university tuition fee and also, provide living expenses. No traveling cost include in the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship 2022. The Ph.D. funding program just provides the first two years of education that the applicants are expected to find alternative sources of funds. Financial help provides the facility according to the need of the students but ISP considers the lender of last resort. Students are requested to ask for every effort to get the funding from another course that will assist them.

Loan Conditions

Half of the scholarship fund amount consider as a loan that must reimburse with an annual service charge of 5% and also, the guarantor is required to co-sign for the loan agreement. The return period is five years and starts six months after the student period by the AKF scholarship.


The application deadline for submission is 31-March although in countries internal deadline may be earlier in order to review and also, process the application. The students are advised to contact the local offices for the internal deadlines that are under Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship 2022.

Country Offices Internal Deadlines
Bangladesh Aga Khan Foundation The deadline of Bangladesh for submitting pre-application forms is 06-March-2022The deadline of Bangladesh for submitting complete applications is 31-March-2022
India Aga Khan Foundation The deadline of India for application distribution is 14-March-2022 (7:00 pm) The deadline of India for submitting complete applications is 21-March-2022
Aga Khan Foundation (Pakistan)
Aga Khan Education Services (Pakistan)
The deadline of Pakistan for submitting pre-application forms is 16-March-2022 The deadline of Pakistan for submitting complete applications is 31-March-2021
Aga Khan Foundation (Portugal) The deadline of Portugal for submitting complete applications is 28-March-2022

Interview & Selection

Students should prepare for interviews by local scholarship committees their financial condition, academic performance, extra-curricular achievement, and also, their career plan. The yearly scholarship selection meeting takes place at the end of June or the start of July. Hence, the AKF scholarship notifies all students of the outcome of their application shortly thereafter.

How to Apply

All interested and eligible students can check the official announcement for the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship 2022. We are mentioning the official site link Aga Scholarship. you can simply click on the official site button and also, check all the details of the scholarship.

If you face in problem while submitting your application under the AKF Scholarship 2022. Then, must visit our YouTube-Channel and also, watch videos on how to apply for the Scholarship. So, if you want to discuss any scholarship from all over the world. Then, you need to Join FB-Group for more discussion about Scholarships in all other countries.